I’ve always wanted to make a game. Correction: I’ve always wanted to make a 16-bit console JRPG. But I’m not Bob; I never actually did anything about this desire. Developing a game of Final Fantasy’s scope is an enormous undertaking. I was daunted. Until I looked at it like this: I never wanted to make an application. At least not until I was already 90% of the way there.

Mint didn’t appear fully formed from the ether. Way before it was an application it was an idea. It became an experiment. Then a simple script. Then a slightly more elegant script. And so on. Mint is the result of literally years of iteration and experimentation. But before even the idea there were years of experimenting with the technology that would make it possible.

So I’ve decided to start small, mapping that organic process onto the new problem of making a game. I’ll be releasing something for the homebrew channel/browser and writing more about the process later this week. It will be the weeklong effort of a novice but it’s a start.

Update: I’ve posted the Wii game, Horror Vacui, and some photos/screenshots. Then I ported the game to the iPhone/iPod touch and Apple released it (link opens in iTunes).

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Shaun Inman
January 10th, 2009 at 8:48 am