For those unfamiliar with the original, Rabbit in Your Headlights is Thom Yorke’s 1998 collaboration with DJ Shadow for UNKLE’s debut (and sadly, only listenable) album Psyence Fiction. Its video by Jonathan Glazer is equally memorable with diegetic sounds and a concussive conclusion. Both the song and video were instant favorites.

It only took me ten years and a change of instrument to get beyond the beautifully dense production and uncover the song’s simple but sturdy bones.

I made this recording in one take with my MacBook Pro’s built-in mic using the basic Audio Recorder (which I usually use for “sketching” song ideas). I dropped the resulting recording onto Garage Band to trim, reduce ambient noise, and tidy up a flubbed guitar note in the last measure. I didn’t have a copy of Jacob’s Ladder handy, so I “sampled” myself using a second track in Garage Band.


And here’s the tab for my arrangement (more for Future Shaun than any other reason):

Verse                     Chorus         Post-chorus       Bridge             

   Em  E/D#m  Am  Bm         A  Amaj7       E  C#m  A                          
e --------------------    e ----------   e ------------    e ------------------
b ---8---7------1---3-    b ----5-----   b ----9-------    b ------------------
G ---9---8------2---4-    G -6--6-----   G ----9----6--    G ------------------
D ---9---8------2---4-    D -7--6-----   D ---------7--    D ------------------
A ---7---7----0---2---    A -7--------   A -7-------7--    A ---------4--------
E -0---0--------------    E -5--5-----   E ----9----5--    E -2-2-5-2---5-2-5--

Track artwork includes a cc’d photo by Tim Duckett.


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Shaun Inman
September 28th, 2008 at 8:20 pm
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