A Shorter Wave

Another week, another tiny Shortwave update.

Kevin Emmott suggests that rather than present a list of available triggers when Shortwave doesn’t recognize a command, that it perform a Google Search with the unrecognized terms. Brilliant idea.

You can now define the special * trigger in your custom command file to do just that. Just copy the command you want to use as the untriggered default and change its trigger to *.

The * trigger is ignored by the Available Commands help page but if the url matches that of another command that command’s row will be highlighted and labeled as the default.

Shortwave ~ an extensible quick-search and shortcut system

Here’s a bonus tip from the comments of the original Shortwave post. When using a custom command file you also inherit the default commands and their triggers. You can override this behavior and eliminate those defaults (thereby tidying up your help page) by adding the following to your custom command file:

> #kill-defaults
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