Shortwave Site Search

Three more tiny updates to Shortwave this week in addition to the Shortwave webclip.

The first improves MobileSafari compatibility with extended characters sets when Shortwave is used from the webclip or from a new page. Before the update g 短波 would have redirected to instead of短波 due to a lack of character encoding information. Should work flawlessly now.

The second and third additions go hand in hand: a new replacement token and trigger suggested by Chris Lindsey.

The gs trigger can be used to search the current site with Google. So, if you were to use Shortwave from this page and enter gs mint you would be presented with Google search results for “mint” on

Shortwave ~ an extensible quick-search and shortcut system

The new %d replacement token is replaced with the domain of the page Shortwave was invoked from. Check out the default waves.txt to see it in action in the new gs trigger.

As with the previous update, there’s no need to update your Shortwave bookmarks or webclips; unless you’ve defined a custom gs trigger the new functionality is available now.

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Shaun Inman
July 31st, 2008 at 4:47 pm