Written July 2008

It’s always easier writing about older material—you can fall back on poking fun at youthful naiveté. So quickly, this one is about strong opinions, loosely held. A tired skeptic content to be wrong. Malaise induced by lack of faith. Resigned to an inevitable end.

Like Bird’s Nest and in sharp contrast to Boring Drone (both also on the Lot EP), this one came together rather quickly. Less than 48 hours from conception to compression. I think Twittering may be having an impact on the length and focus of my songwriting.

File under inspired by Iron & Wine and Radiohead.

our lot in life
is just a lot in the ground
for a good turn
another go around

a good dose of faith
eases us towards the grave
but when we go we’re gone
and what we’ve done is done

if I’m wrong, I’m wrong
and I’m not alone
then we’ll sing a song
and carry on

there’s no second tries
or lost redemption found.

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Boring Drone
Lot EP
Shaun Inman
July 10th, 2008 at 4:51 pm
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