A Tiny Shortwave Update

Shortwave ~ an extensible quick-search and shortcut system

Shortwave has a new default trigger. The tr trigger is short for “Translate the current page”. Google seems to be good about automatically detecting your preferred language but an optional search term allows you to specify the language code (usually two characters) for the target language just in case.

Powering this new trigger is the new %r replacement token which is replaced with the url of the page Shortwave was invoked from (or as Shortwave sees it internally, the Referrer, hence the %r). This opens up all kinds of new possibilities like shortcuts for page validators, url shorteners, social media, and bookmarking services. Check out the default waves.txt to see it in action in the new tr trigger.

Me thinks it might be time for a Shortwave category on ShaunInman.com…

Shortwave Firefox Search Plugin
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Shaun Inman
July 8th, 2008 at 9:24 am