Mint Popular with the Internets

I see a lot of throw-away referrers listed in my Mint install on SEO and marketing splogs listing the trendiest analytic tools. Mint is always mentioned (the link was in my referrers after all) and invariably labeled as being “popular with bloggers.” And I take issue with that.

I don’t disagree that Mint is “popular with bloggers.” Of course it is—it was created by a blogger. But it isn’t only popular with bloggers—they’re just the one’s blogging about it (I mean, right?).

Mint is popular with design studios, small businesses, major corporations, bands, photographers, major colleges, private schools, churches, lawyers and yes, even the occasional pirate (arr!). The people who make the tools I use to make Mint use Mint themselves. (How cool is that? Not as cool as this but still pretty cool.)

Based on daily interaction with Mint’s users I would say that bloggers are responsible for less than half of all Mint installations.

Remember, just because it’s dark when you close your eyes doesn’t mean that the sun has gone down on the rest of us.

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