An Easy SSH/SFTP iPhone Installer

Update: This technique has not been tested with iTunes 7.4. iActivator is not compatible with the current version of iTunes and has been deprecated in favor of something called iNdependence. You may be better off trying nullriver’s at this point.

First things first. This ssh/sftp installer shell script is offered as is. It is essentially a streamlined, automated version of the steps I outlined in Hacking the iPhone on an Intel Mac—only now it should work on any Mac: PowerPC or Intel. More specifically, it is a complete rewrite of the previously featured ssh installer (using the updated iPhone Utility Client) to include sftp and greatly simplify setting a new root/mobile password for your iPhone. The script wouldn’t be possible without the industrious iPhone Dev community. You know, shoulder’s of giants and all that. You take complete responsibility for your actions and any irreparable harm they might do to your iPhone, its warranty or AT&T contract.

Scared yet? Don’t be. Just sync your iPhone in iTunes and download your photos in iPhoto before proceeding. Should anything go awry, simply restore your iPhone. Once it restarts iTunes will offer to copy over all of your previous settings.

Let’s get on with it. Launch /Applications/Utilities/Activity Monitor and type “itunes” in the search box. Select iTunes and then click the red, stop-sign “Quit Process” button in the top left. Do the same for iTunesHelper (and iPhoto if open) and quit Activity Monitor.

Next download the latest version of iActivator and the iPhone restore image. Unzip the “ipsw” file (right/control-click and select “Open With” > “BomArchiveHelper” if it doesn’t unzip properly) and rename the unarchived folder “phonedmg101”, then launch iActivator. Click the “Perform Jailbreak” button and select the “phonedmg101” folder. Follow the onscreen instructions. Once your iPhone is successfully freed from jail quit iActivator.

Now download and unzip Open /Applications/Utilities/Terminal, type cd, followed by a space, then drag the unarchived ssh-sftp-installer folder onto your Terminal window and hit enter. You’re only three iPhone restarts away from enabling ssh and sftp on your iPhone, are you excited yet?

Next type ./, followed by a space, then type the password you would like to use for ssh and sftp. This will appear in plain text on the command line so make sure that your evil twin isn’t reading over your shoulder. Hit enter. Restart your iPhone as prompted by the onscreen instructions.

Finished? Already? Good. You never have to do that again (unless you restore your iPhone with iTunes). Quit Terminal.

Let’s install Lights Off. Download and unzip the game. Open up Transmit (or your SFTP app of choice) and click on the Connect tab. Enter your iPhone’s IP address in the Server field. Your User Name is “root”. Your Password hopefully went unseen by your evil twin. Initial Path should be “/” and don’t forget to change the Protocol to “SFTP”. The default port for SFTP is 22. Login may take a few moments. Drag the Lights Off application onto the /Applications/ directory in Transmit. Restart your iPhone. Play Lights Off.

Check out the previous article for instructions on installing and a command line screenshot utility (skip down to the part about “Adding third-party native apps to the iPhone”).

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August 18th, 2007 at 6:31 pm