A Mint Button for the iPhone

Using Jon Maddox’s iPhone Apper I put together a Mint Button for the iPhone’s Home screen. In addition to the custom icon his generator allows, I’ve also added the charcoal Mint iPhone wallpaper as the application’s default state.

To use, first you need a way to get it onto your iPhone. Way ahead of me? Good. You’ll probably want the iPhone Pepper as well if you plan on placing Mint so prominently on your iPhone.

Download Mint.app and unzip. Inside the unarchived “mint-button” folder right/control-click on Mint.app and select “Show Package Contents.” Open Info.plist in a text editor. Change the content of the last <string> tag to your Mint location url. Save and upload Mint.app to your iPhone’s /Applications/ directory. Restart your iPhone and enjoy two fewer clicks for your Mint fix!

The Mint button has been downloaded 697 times.

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Shaun Inman
August 18th, 2007 at 7:24 pm