Wide Load

I was just catching up on some feeds and came across Jeremy’s New Year’s Resolution. I have to admit, I’m one of those strange animals that actually browses full screen—regardless of resolution (I’m at 1680 as I write this). As a borderline Unitasker, if I’m browsing, I’m browsing.

Now I’m not here to open another forum for a fixed vee fluid debate, I just wanted to share a simple favelet that I’ve been finding more and more useful recently. All it does is assign a fixed width of 800px and auto-margins to the body element resulting in more readable line-lengths on sites that need to span the entire width of your browser window.

Just drag this link, Fix Width, to your bookmarks bar and click it the next time your browsing Jeremy’s site or Wikipedia at 1680.


Bramus! provided a version that works in Firefox 2.

Problem is firefox tends to have troubles with multiple javascript statements in a bookmarklet. […]. Solution is to wrap the code in a function….

I’ve updated the “Fix Width” link above as suggested.

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Shaun Inman
January 19th, 2007 at 2:33 pm