Widon’t 2.1

Widon’t has been updated to 2.1.1

Right before I went away for the holidays Matt emailed me with a change to Widon’t that he implemented on Wordpress.com to improve support for international characters. He had reduced the widont() function to a single regular expression:


The original version of Widon’t used string functions to avoid the overhead of instantiating the regular expression engine but Matt assures me that the cost incurred is negligible. And given his experience, I’m inclined to believe him.

Widon’t 2.1 uses his updated function and is a recommended update if your headlines or other tags processed by Widon’t may contain international characters.

Download the Widon’t 2.1 Wordpress plugin, unzip and upload si-widont.php to /wp-content/plugins/. Activate the plugin from within Wordpress and optionally click on the “Widon’t Options” menu link to input additional tags you want widon’ted.

Widon't 2.1 has been downloaded 1360 times (not including the 68k users of Wordpress.com who received the update automatically).

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