Tomorrow’s Mint Today

I was hoping to release the semi-public Mint 1.2 beta yesterday but hit a bit of a snag after running the update on my own sites. After building out a benchmarking feature I eventually tracked the bottleneck down to a Pepper I had copied over accidentally that isn’t quite ready for primetime.

While this release is essentially a “technology preview” to give Pepper developers a chance to familiarize themselves with the refined Pepper API, all licensed users will be able to download the 1.2 beta later today.

Some things in this new version that I’m excited about:

  • The new and improved Pepper API is documented and ready to go. I’ll be posting three articles and a new Pepper written exclusively for the last article shortly after the release.
  • A revised directory structure should make future updates a simple drag-n-drop process. That means no more renaming folders and manually copying over database info and third-party Pepper with each update.
  • There’s a new password-less, Client-mode that allows anyone to view your Mint install without limiting your administrative privileges.
  • More inclusive support for subdomains has been added and support for mirrored domains has been improved. Mint now looks for files relative to itself instead of the server root.
  • There’s a new default Pepper named Backup/Restore that allows you to backup and restore the Mint database (or just configuration data if space is a concern) so developers and Pepper beta testers need not worry about losing everything should something not work quite as expected. Backup/Restore is also the first pane-less Pepper, having only a preference interface.
  • Mint can now force uninstall misbehaving or missing Pepper—even if the Pepper has been removed from the server!
  • In addition to setting an expiration date on visit info, Mint now offers the ability to limit your database to a specified size so you don’t have to do the research and subsequent math yourself.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day.

(Please visit the Mint Forum if you have questions about Mint. Do not use the contact form on this site as your email may be overlooked.)

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Shaun Inman
October 21st, 2005 at 1:42 am