About the Author (circa 2006)

Shaun has always tinkered. From dissassembling his sleeping father’s alarm clock as a child, to forcing your browser into displaying non-standard typefaces. The process of learning, building and iterating are reward enough—the occasional success and recognition that results are just icing on the cake.

Shaun went to public school in Norwood, Massachusetts. He then fled the Northeast for the Savannah College of Art & Design. While there his studies focused mostly on print design until his senior year when his eyes finally opened to the web’s potential as a communication medium.

After graduation Shaun moved to Baltimore and endured a freelance dry spell by teaching himself PHP & MySQL and creating Designologue. When the work truly dried up and student loans kicked in he accepted a job back in Boston as a graphic designer with TechTarget.

Over the course of the following two years Shaun built a relationship with a small web firm based in Baltimore called Silverpoint, first doing freelance for their non-school clients which evently resulted in a full-time opportunity allowing Shaun to return to Baltimore. Starting as a Designer/Producer working with clients big and small, he accepted the role of Production Architect, the maintainer of company-wide production standards in addition to his previous responsibilities, before leaving Silverpoint in September ‘05.

Since that time Shaun has been focused on the continued development and support of the curiously successful website analytics program Mint. Shaun has worked with Leslie Jensen (now Jensen-Inman) and MORE LLC as designer/developer on their new site as well as a handful of projects with Jason Santa Maria, Rob Weychert and Kevin Cornell. Shaun has also been contributing news to StyleGala since December 2004.

His work has been featured or mentioned in numerous print publications and around the web. These include:

While Shaun is now taking a brief hiatus from conferences and the like he has spoken at the following events:

Shaun has received the following recognition:

More information about Shaun can be found in the interview with Justin Goodlett, “Shaun Inman Speaks” (mirrored here), in an interview on Notable Words, Shaun Inman on Writing, in the free inaugural issue of Particle Tree’s Treehouse magazine and in Profile: Shaun Inman from WebDesigner 110 .

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Shaun Inman
June 11th, 2005 at 11:12 pm