Life of the Party

Written around July 2000

Yes, this party really happened. This was one of those songs that after tens of false starts a melody dropped in out of nowhere and then really wrote itself. One of those exuberant tunes that kind of just happens. Shame I never finished the higher quality mix that I started here.

There’s also an accompanying mini-site that I threw together my junior year of college.

It would seem we’ve got the American dream
Gotta be hanging on for dear life of the party
Someone call me and say when
When all of your friends arrive
So we can begin to lay down this jive

Got the girls coming in from other continents
Mom and Pop are gone but that’s irrelevant
Party starts at a quarter till we show up
Summer time all the windows are open
We start playing and people start jumpin’
Could it be that we are life of the party

Go! Some nights just seem to come and—
Go! No, tonight won’t go out like…that

The nights a blur, gonna put my spin on the world
Up-rockin’, poppin-and-lockin’, everybody shoutin’ Go! Go!
Someone’s passed out, someone’s going home along
I won’t be either one—I’m seeing this night through

There’s the flash of a single-use camera
Someone laughs and the room gets louder, yeah
Party ain’t over—there’s no end in sight,
The dress is casual, khakis comfort-fit
The girls in their tank-tops know they aren’t counterfeit
There’s a smile on their lips that says the night’s still young

So go! Some nights just seem to come and—
Go! No, tonight won’t go out like…that

Won’t go out like that

Half past three, still got it going on, step outside to breath
—See everybody’s cars stretching up and down the street
This party’s got back beat, make me wanna move my feet
It’s the simple things that make the night complete

Everyone’s got those girlfriends
Who are just a little more than friends
We all love a good time—why wouldn’t lesbians?
I’m cool if the girls get it on just as long as I’m gettin’ some

I got my girl and I got nothing to worry about
Life’s a party when ever she and I go out
And I can’t say I mind much at all when we stay in

Go! Some nights just seem to come and—
Go! No, tonight won’t go out like…that

No girl
Don’t go!
Don’t go out like that.

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Garden Takes Best of Show
Shaun Inman
March 14th, 2004 at 11:54 pm
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I guess my site will be of no use for you, being all in swedish. I just entered it in the URL field for completeness. :o)

I recently discovered your site and I haven’t yet explored it enough, so I have no idea if songs are a usual feature here, or if this one is a rare example. Anyway, I gotta tell you I really liked it. First I read the lyrics, and cursed the non-existence of a “download here”-link. Then I scrolled up again and asked myself how I could have missed it. Nevermind, now I got the mp3 in my playlist.

Just for your information: just reading the lyrics made me think this was some kind of synth pop song, so I was surprised when I got the mp3 home and listened to it. Still it’s a nice song, but maybe a little touch of the synth wouldn’t be all wrong?

Best wishes and keep it on.


Pär Axelsson
May 17th, 2004 2:07 am

Honestly, the recording didn’t do it for me… but really cool song. I dig it. Makes me think of something I would hear opening up for a TV show or something…

The song would really be awesome if you had a band behind you… got my foot tapping none-the-less.

Travis Terwilligar
Jul 29th, 2004 8:11 am

The mini-site you “threw together” is really well-made! Thanks for the free mp3; I am always interested in listening to new songs. That was a guitar, right?

Dec 26th, 2004 10:58 am

You know what baffles me? The minimum wage love songs splash page that says best viewed in…and to my dismay there is an Idiot Exploder icon. Just disturbing. Still works fine in Firefox but I hate seeing that icon.

Ryan Latham
Jun 19th, 2005 8:49 pm

Look again at the © date (2000) and put down the Haterade, Ryan. Thanks.

Shaun Inman
Jun 19th, 2005 9:53 pm

Cool are ua graphic designer?


Jose Luis
Sep 6th, 2005 10:26 pm

Just listened to the mp3… from a nonmusician it sounded good. had my head noddin’. you shoule go back and try to get that recored even if it isn’t studio quality. most of the best stuff is raw. IMHO

david blanchet
Oct 31st, 2005 4:12 am