The Season

I’m working on a site with Silverpoint for NexDose (marketing for a prescription medication digital assistant), collaborating with Bedingfield on a site for Van Dyke Technology Group, developing a project management site for The END™, crawling forward with Designologue, doing a little consulting here and there, and working on finishing up my portfolio. Oh yeah, and then there’s the full time job!

I spent the holidays in Baltimore with Leslie. A few friends (from Chicago, Wales, and Amsterdam) gathered at The Brewer’s Art on the Friday after Thanksgiving for some laughter and drink. Then I scored two round-trip tickets to anywhere AirTran lands by volunteering my seat on the flight home in exchange for a ticket on the next flight (3.5 hours later).

Happy Holidays!

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The Taters
Shaun Inman
December 3rd, 2002 at 3:37 am