Fixed up a major flaw in my navigation (you wouldn’t have noticed unless you sent me an email from the contacts page, visited the contacts page via the ‘nifty form’ link in this column, or tried to access admn.access and got turned away). The section heads and descriptions got mismatched and such. I did some digging and found the answers I needed.

Began work on the back-end that will allow me to update this site from anywhere with out having to touch a line of code—thanks PHP and MySQL.

I just put fresh strings on my guitar for the first time in a year. Aah, that’s crisp. The band is going through another line-up change. We may be graced with Durwin Talon (brother of our bassist Rob) on bongos. In jest we’ve been kickin’ around new band names: Barely Lemmings, Screaming Bloody Napster, and Bedingfield. Any ideas?

Who Needs Sleep?
Fat Bedingfield
Shaun Inman
July 6th, 2001 at 4:30 pm
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