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Read Horror Vacui 2 Original Sound Version  

Horror Vacui 2 Coming soon to the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac. Submitting to the App Store(s) today. Permalink

Metroid-inspired Clock A simple HTML/CSS/JS clock based on the escape timer from Metroid: Other M. Webclippable. Works offline. Add #24 to the url for a 24 hour version. Looks great on an idle iDevice. Mac screensaver version by HarrisonPermalink

FlashNSF Player A Flash-based player for NSFs. Permalink

Read MML Bundle & Multi-song NSF  

Presence, Products and Play Launched a new homepage earlier this morning as the Mimeoverse wasn’t properly represented on the previous version. (Spacebar and arrow keys still control the music player.) Permalink

A Brief Pixel Art How To Neven Mrgan, pixel pusher for the forthcoming iPhone game The Incident gives a brief overview of how to approach crafting pixel graphics. I concur. Permalink

Games Day Podcast Interview Part 1 of 2 wherein I chat with Mathew Hoy of the Games Day Podcast about Mimeo in a very busy Austin Convention Center. And Part 2 Permalink

Read 8-bit iPhone Game Development  

Mimeo in the Tumbleverse A development Diary. I’ll be posting progress reports, artwork, audio clips and demo videos for the duration of the project. Permalink

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