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The Last Rocket The trailer and teaser site for my new iOS game are go for launch (submitted to Apple for review this morning). Permalink

Level Design In 11 Points The creator of the wonderful Ninja Senki shares his approach to level design. Permalink

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Read Breathing Room Postmortem  

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The Initial Prelaunch Just posted the first public glimpse of the logotype for my new game, The Last Rocket. If you want in on the T-minus, you know what to do. Permalink

NES Music on iPhone Jeremy Parish of GameSpite reviews NoiseES for 1UP. To quote the title of a painfully unforgiving NES game, Totally Rad. Permalink

Read An 8-bit Itch  

The Box Designer extraordinaire Tim Van Damme had a few questions for me about Horror Vacui 2, Mimeo and the Mac App Store. Permalink

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