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Incominggg! Updated to 1.0.1 Dribbble changed the path to individual player Activity pages which required an update to the extension’s whitelist pattern. Permalink

Metroid-inspired Clock A simple HTML/CSS/JS clock based on the escape timer from Metroid: Other M. Webclippable. Works offline. Add #24 to the url for a 24 hour version. Looks great on an idle iDevice. Mac screensaver version by HarrisonPermalink

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Disable the default inner-shadow of search inputs on the iPad Just use the simple Safari CSS extension property -webkit-appearance: caret;. (Sure the tweet says it all but have you ever tried to find a specific tweet months later?) Permalink

Fever API Public Beta Fever was just updated to 1.14. In addition to the regular bug fixes and some minor tweaks for the iPad, the new API was introduced. Permalink

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Mimeo in the Tumbleverse A development Diary. I’ll be posting progress reports, artwork, audio clips and demo videos for the duration of the project. Permalink

Apple comes to its senses Anti-glare screens are now an option on the 15” MacBook Pro. Still no option on the separate LED displays. This will be my first computer upgrade in 10 years that hasn’t been accompanied by the purchase of a new monitor. Permalink

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