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Swizcore Studio Another nice looking themer’s site. Permalink

Themepark Tutorial Nice tute on creating themes for OS X…if I only had the time. Nice looking site too. Permalink

Stop Googling your desktop or you’ll go blind Just a little jealous over here—when does Spotlight make its debut? Permalink

Read Box Model Massacre   Comments 012

TextMate 1.0 A BBEdit-killer? Not quite. The much-anticipated folding feature is poorly implemented (it seems the closing tag detection is either too greedy or non-existent) and its find and replace can’t even come close to BBEdit. Give it another point release… Permalink

Read Dying for a New Phone   Comments 039

Virtual PC 7 Finally, the ability to run a virtual PC on my G5. Oh come on, the stand-alone version is still on pre-order!? Permalink

Win XP on a Mac? OS X on a PC? April Fools, 200 days early? (via WDIKPermalink

BBEdit 8 You know it doesn’t suck. Permalink

iPod == Universal Remote? Uh-huh. Permalink

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