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Read Box Model Massacre   Comments 012

TextMate 1.0 A BBEdit-killer? Not quite. The much-anticipated folding feature is poorly implemented (it seems the closing tag detection is either too greedy or non-existent) and its find and replace can’t even come close to BBEdit. Give it another point release… Permalink

Read Dying for a New Phone   Comments 039

Virtual PC 7 Finally, the ability to run a virtual PC on my G5. Oh come on, the stand-alone version is still on pre-order!? Permalink

Win XP on a Mac? OS X on a PC? April Fools, 200 days early? (via WDIKPermalink

BBEdit 8 You know it doesn’t suck. Permalink

iPod == Universal Remote? Uh-huh. Permalink

Dan talks Solutions With question and answer pairs like “Dude, how cool are robots?” “The coolest!” and blurbs on the Pixies and yours-truly, you really can’t afford to miss this Friends of Ed interview with Web Standards Solutions author Dan Cederholm. Permalink

BBEdit on your PC? Not exactly, but close enough if you’re a Mac refugee trapped in a Notepad wasteland for a short time. Oh and it’s free! Permalink

Think Different? “Think like (and starve off) your small independent developers,” seems more apropos. Although it’s not as if Apple hasn’t done this before. For shame. Permalink

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