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Automatic Conditional Retina Images Shared this on Twitter over a year ago (!), forgot about it, then needed it recently and had no idea where I had posted it. JavaScript + mod_rewrite = @2x. For posterity. Permalink

Fix Mavericks’ Power Button In Mavericks, it seems like merely brushing the power button is enough to put a MacBook to sleep. This fix restores the pre-Mavericks behavior, presenting the Sleep/Restart/Shut Down dialog instead. And here’s how to get it to run on startupPermalink

iOS Sticky :hover Fix Tweeted this a while back but every once in a while someone asks for this link so, for posterity! Permalink

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Flag-free US Keyboard Layout I like the OS X Input menu but could do without the pixelated American flag cluttering up my otherwise monochromatic menu bar. So I used Ukelele to clone the default Keyboard Layout and added a simple grayscale EN icon that matches the Kotoeri Hiragana, Katakana and Romaji ones. Unzip and add to /~/Library/Keyboard Layouts/ then logout and back in. Permalink

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